Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tutorial 15 May 2014

This was the last tutorial in the current series.
We resume on Monday 9th. June with the start of preparation for the written exam.

Viva: bullying & harassment.
Viva: drug development & licensing.
Roleplay: teach trainee re breech delivery.
Viva: child sexual abuse.
Viva: neonatal screening.

55.       Viva: bullying & harassment.
             Candidate’s instructions.
This is a structure viva about bullying and harassment.
The examiner will ask you 6 questions.

56.       Viva: drug development & licensing.
             Candidate's instructions.
This is a viva station.
The examiner will ask you 6 questions.

57.       Roleplay: teach trainee re uterine inversion.
             You are on-call on the labour ward.
             For once there is no one in labour.
             The consultant has asked you to teach a new trainee about uterine inversion.

58.       Viva: child sexual abuse.
             Candidate's Instructions.
This is a viva station.
The examiner will ask you 7 questions.

59.       Viva: neonatal screening.
             Candidate’s instructions 
This is a viva station.
             Your task is to explain the key aspects of neonatal screening to a new trainee.

60.       Critical appraisal.
             Viva. Criticise paper. “Burden of adhesions in abdominal and pelvic surgery: systematic review and met-analysis”. BMJ 2013; 347 doi: (Published 3 October 2013. Cite this as: BMJ 2013;347:f5588

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