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28th. September 2015

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28 September 2015

Viva. Incomplete ECV audit.
Role-play. Pre-pregnancy counselling. Dad recently diagnosed with Huntington’s.
Viva. Breast-feeding.
Role-play. Neonatal screening.

19.   Viva. Incomplete ECV audit.
Candidate’s instructions.
A colleague who has left the hospital was conducting an audit of ECV.
The audit is incomplete.
The data are:
Consultant A offered ECV to one group of women and had an 70% success rate,
Consultant B offered ECV to a different group and had a 30% success rate,
Consultant C did not offer ECV at all.
Tell the examiner how you would go about completing this audit, what conclusions you can already make and any recommendations. The examiner will not ask questions or assist you in any way.

20.   Role-play. Huntington’s disease.
Candidate's Instructions.
You are the SpR in the pre-pregnancy counselling clinic.
Mary Smith has been referred.
The GP referral letter is brief. “Please see this woman who is considering becoming pregnant. Her father has Huntington’s chorea, about which I know very little.”
Your task is to take a history and advise about appropriate investigations.

21.   Viva. Breastfeeding.
Candidate’s instructions.
This is a viva station.
The examiner will ask you 6 questions.

22.   Role-play. Neonatal screening.
Candidate’s instructions.
You are a SpR in year 5.
You are in the antenatal booking clinic and about to see Mary Eccles. She has been booked in by a midwife at 10 weeks’ gestation and all is well. She has recently arrived in the UK from the USA and asked about the routine neonatal screening that is done in the UK. She will be having the baby in the UK.

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