Monday, 23 September 2013

Tutorial 23 September 2013

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Tonight only Annie and Uzma attended.
They are not sitting the exam until March.
We did a couple of vivas on the basis that these could easily change into OSCEs.
Also, the more communication practice you get, the better.
Send me your answers and I'll send mine.

Viva 1.

Examiner’s instructions.

Questions / instructions.

1.         What is the definition of ASB?
2.         What is its prevalence in the pregnant and the non-pregnant.
3.         Why do we screen for ASB in pregnancy?
4.         How do we screen for ASB in pregnancy?
5.         Which antibiotics are contraindicated in the management of UTI in pregnancy?
6.         How would you decide the antibiotic to use in a case of severe pyelonephritis?
7.         What would be your management of a woman who has recurrent ASB after apparently effective antibiotic treatment?

Viva 2.

A 55 year old woman is referred by her General Practitioner.
Candidate’s Instructions.
You are an SpR in the “one-stop” PMB clinic. You are about to see a woman with bleeding some years since her menopause.

Your task is to take an appropriate history and advise her about the investigations you feel are appropriate.

Referral letter from the General Practitioner.

Manor Lodge,
High Street,
BE5 S00

Re: Mrs. Mary Smith,   Age 55.
5b High Street,

Dear Doctor,
Please see Mrs. Smith who has had bleeding down below. It is a number of years since she reached the menopause.

Yours sincerely,

James Fewords,
General Practitioner.

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