Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tutorial 26 September 2013.

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Tonight we started with a critique of an extract from the Menozac website.
The technique is to think of as many headings as possible.
Then to apply them to the document.
Send your version and I'll send mine.

Then we had a roleplay.

Candidate's Instructions.

This is a roleplay station.

You are an SpR in the booking clinic. You are about to see a woman who is at 10 weeks gestation in her second pregnancy. Her first baby was stillborn.
She has had all the routing booking issues, including investigations, dealt with by the midwife who has asked you to see her to advise about her first pregnancy and its implications for the management of this pregnancy.
Take an appropriate history, advise about the necessary investigations and how the history of stillbirth will influence the management of the pregnancy.

Then a viva on the uses of Magnesium sulphate in obstetrics.

And finally a viva on normal labour and delivery.
Be sure that you know the NICE guideline.


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