Thursday, 10 October 2013

10 October 2013

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We had a viva, and two role-plays.


Risk Management Report.
You performed laparoscopy yesterday. On inserting the laparoscope you realized that the bowel had been injured. You have been asked to write a report about the incident for the risk management committee.
Write the headings for the report.
Include the steps you took when the injury was noted – we will assume that you did on the day what you know to be the correct things.
You have 15 minutes to prepare the contents of your report. Then you will present them to an examiner at the next station

Role-play 1.
Teach  a FY1 about shoulder dystocia.

Roleplay 2.

Candidate's Instructions.
This is a roleplay station about HRT.
Your task is to take a history and advise about investigations and treatment options.

GP Letter.
The Medical Centre,
High Street,
HT89 9JH.

Re Mary Smith,
55 Town Street,

Dear Doctor,
Please see this woman who wants HRT. I have told her that there are risks of breast cancer, stroke and other serious diseases and that I am not happy about prescribing  it.
Dr. F. A. Thead.

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