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Tutorial 21 October 2013

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Tonight we had 4 vivas and a roleplay.
It a measure of how much better we are getting that we managed to cover so much stuff.
The BMJ paper is 15 pages long. There is no way you can read it in detail in a 15-minute preparatory station. You need a technique that tells you what to concentrate on.
This is dealt with by Julie Morris in her tutorial.
Two books were mentioned in relation to critical appraisal.
"How to read a paper." This is by Trisha Greenhalgh and is an update on a series of BMJ articles that you can access.
The book is published by Blackwell Publishing and is available from various outlets, including Amazon. 
The other is "The Doctor's Guide to Critical Analysis" by Gosall & Gosall. It is published by PasTest. .

Viva 1.
Incomplete audit.

In a recent exam there was an "incomplete" audit.

The audit was about ECV.

The data was that:

Consultant A offered ECV to one group of women and had an 70% success rate,

Consultant B offered ECV to a different group and had a 30% success rate,

Consultant C did not offer ECV at all.

You were given this data and were asked to discuss how you would go about completing the audit process.

 Viva 2.
This was a critique of a paper.
Burden of adhesions in abdominal and pelvic surgery: systematic review and met-analysis
BMJ 2013; 347 doi:  (Published 3 October 2013)
Cite this as: BMJ 2013;347:f5588
Download the PDF - it is free access.

Viva 3.
Viva. Preparatory station. Write a PIF on HRT.

Viva 4.
Viva. You have been asked to talk to a mixed group of 16-year-olds at a local school on chlamydia.

Role-play: teach trainee fetal blood sampling.

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