Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tutorial 3rd. October 2013

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We had two roleplays and two vivas.
They illustrated how difficult this is and the need for practice.
I was a bit slow starting the recording, so the first bit of the sterilisation discussion was missed.
That is twice I have been slow in 2 weeks!

Sterilisation Request.

Candidate’s Instructions.

You are a 5th. year SpR. You are about to see Mrs. Mary Fecund in the gynaecology clinic. There is referral letter from the GP.
Read the letter and then conduct the consultation with Mrs. Fecund as you would do in the clinic in your hospital.

Perfect Health Centre,
Paradise Lane,
SLH 678.

Your ref: BRI 07/54843.

Re. Mary Fecund,
The Shoe,
High Street,

Dear Doctor,
Please see Mrs Fecund who has too many children. She wishes to be sure she has no more and has asked to be sterilised.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. John Williams.

Topic. Huntington’s disease.

Candidate's Instructions.
You are the SpR in the pre-pregnancy counselling clinic.
Mary Smith has been referred.
The GP referral letter is brief. “Please see this woman who is considering becoming pregnant. Her father has Huntington’s chorea, about which I know very little.”
Your task is to take a history and advice about appropriate investigations.

Viva 1.
 Candidate's Instructions.
Discuss the recent changes in relation to HPV immunisation and screening for cervical cancer.

Viva 2.

Candidate's Instructions.
This is a viva station about postnatal mental health.
The examiner will ask you 7 questions.

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